Generic Formulary
Poisonning and Drug Dependance
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
Unit of Packing: 
Bottle- 10ml
In treatment of: 
Organophosphorus Poisioning
Adverse Effects: 
1. Dry mouth 2.Constipation 3.Difficulty in swallowing 4.Tachycardia 5.Headache 6.Restlessness 7.Insomnia 8.Dizziness 9.Nausea 10.Vomiting 11.Decreased secretions 12.Irritation at the site of injection site 13.Fever 14.Retention of urine
1.Hypersensitivity to Atropine and other belladonna alkaloids 2.Tachycardia 3.Obstructive disease of gastrointestinal tract 4.Obstructive uropathy 5.Unstable cardiovascular status in acute haemorrhage 7.Paralytic ileus 8.Toxic megacolon 9.Intestinal atony 10.Asthma 11.Myasthenia gravis 12.Thyrotoxicosis
Special Precaution: 
1.Any work that require mental alertness like drivingoperating machineAlcoholics
Parenteral Adult: Pre anaesthetic medication: (IM) or (SC) 300-600mcg is given 30-60 minutes before surgery. Bradycardia (IV ): 0.3 - 1 mg dose can be repeated every 3 - 5 minutes 0.03 mg / kg in patient with mild Bradycardia and 0.4 mg / kg with severe Bradycardia, To block the adverse muscarinic effect of anticholinesterase agents: 0.6 - 1.2 mg for each 0.5 - 2.5 mg of Neostigmine administered intravenously a few minutes before anticholinesterase agents. Antidote for anticholinesterase insecticidal poisoning: (IM or IV): Initial dose: 1 - 2mg is given and dose can be increased up to 6 mg in severe cases and repeat the dose every 5 - 60 minutes until muscarinic symptoms disappears. Prevention of Bronchospasm: 0.025 mg / kg is administered with the help of a nebulisers 3 - 4 times daily up to 2.5 mg Children Premedication: (IM) or (SC): 20mcg/kg. Bradycardia (IV): 10 - 20 mcg/kg doses can be repeated up to 1 mg Antidote for anticholinesterase insecticidal poisoning: (IM or IV): Initial dose: 0.05 mg / kg is given and repeat the dose every 10 -30 minutes until muscarinic symptoms disappears

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