Generic Formulary
Cardio Vascular System
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
2.6 MG/6.4 mg
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
Longterm management of Stable Angina
Adverse Effects: 
1. Headache 2. Weakness 3. Dizziness 4. Methaemoglobinaemia 5. Flushing 6. Palpitation 7. Orthostatic hypotension 8. Sweating 9. Sub lingual burning 10. Rashes
1. Hypersensitivity to nitrates 2. Severe hypotension 3. Shock 4. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 5. Cerebral haemorrhage 6. Early Myocardial infarction(sub lingual) 7. Anaemia 8. Along with phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
Special Precaution: 
1. Gradually withdraw the drug with caution, start therapy with lower doses 2. Hypotension 3. Blood volume depletion 4. Cardio vascular diseases 5. Pulmonary diseases 6. Glaucoma
Alcohol: Severe hypotension and cardiovascular collapse. Aspirin: Increase serum concentrations of nitrates and their actions. Antihypertensives, TCAs, Phenothiazine, Calcium channel blockers: Marked symptomatic orthostatic hypotension. Sidenafil causes dangerous potentiation of hypotension, myocardial infarction and death Lab Tests: May interfere with the Zlatkis-Zak colour reaction causing a false report of decreased serum cholesterol.
Tablets: 0.5mg at every 3 minutes until therapeutic effect is obtained. I.V.: 5mcg/minute as infusion. Increase with increments of same dose Sustained release Formulations: 2.5 to 6.5mg two to three times daily. Topical: 1.5 to 3cm rubs on three times daily. Use more times if required.

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