Generic Formulary
Respiratory System
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
Ventolin, Aerolin or Ventorlin,Asthalin, Proventil , ProAir
2MG; 4 MG; 2MG/5 ML; 2.5 MG/2.5 M; 5MG/ Ml; 100 MCG; 100MCG; 100 MCG/1 PUFF; 200 MCG
Unit of Packing: 
Tablets/ Bottles/ Inhalers/ Rotacaps
In treatment of: 
Releif of acute Bronchospasm
Adverse Effects: 
1. Drowsiness 2. Headache 3. Dizziness 4. Nervousness 5. Tremor 6. Weakness 7. Palpitations 8. Tachycardia 9. Arrhythmia 10. Vomiting 11. Nausea 12. Heartburn 13. Diaphoresis 14. Hypokalaemia (high dose)
1.Hypersensitivity to Salbutamol and other sympathomimetic amines.
Special Precaution: 
1. Myocardial insufficiency 2. Arrhythmia 3. Hypertension 4. Hyperthyroidism 5. Epilepsy 6. Diabetes
Beclomethasone, Theophylline: Enhances respiratory function. Beta-blockers: Inhibit bronchodilator effect. Diuretics and Xanthines: Increased risk of hypokalemia. Digitalis: Increased risk of digitalis toxicity when salbutamol is given in hilgh doses due to hypokalaemia.
Adult: Oral: Immediate release tablet: 2 - 4 mg every 6 - 8 hours daily, maximum dose 32mg / day Sustained release tablets: 8 mg / day in 2 divided doses and if sufficient response does not obtained then dose can be gradually increased to 16mg / day in 2 divided doses Children: 6 - 14 years Syrup: 6 - 8mg / day in 3 - 4 divided doses and if needed dose can be increased maximum up to 24mg / day Uterine Relaxant: (I.V) 4 to 32 mcg/minutes

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